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Now available: Do-It! v1.2.1

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Do-It! is available for download| 17th November 2009

Version 1.2 of Do-It! is now available in the Apple App Store. Now includes Retina Display graphics, iPad compatibility, Multiplayer and a World wide leaderboard

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First Xibit iPhone application sent for review| 12th August 2009

Xibit has now sent Do-It Lite to Apple for approval before release in to the app store. On average apple takes 2 weeks for review an app so watch this space for updates on the process.

Fingers crossed everyone....

Do-It! | Game details and screenshots


Are your reflexes up to the Do-it challenge?

Press-it … Flick-it … Pull-it … Flip-it … Shake-it …
Press-… Out of time!

If you like games like ‘Bop-it’ then you will love ‘Do-it’. Test your reactions within an ever-decreasing time frame. Can you beat our high score of 37?

6 different actions: Press-it, Flick-it, Pull-it, Flip-it, Shake-it, Flip-it and Pass-It
Various Game Modes: Voice prompts or Sound effect prompts
Version 1.2.1 - Bug Fixes
Version 1.2 - Multiplayer Mode - Pass-It * Global Ranking - Compare your best score with others around the world * Game Over reason - Find out what you did wrong * Hi-Resolution Graphics for iPhone4 * Native to iPad
Version 1.0 - Initial release

On the following pages you will see screenshots of the current version of Do-It for iPhone.

Each screen shot is captured from the iphone during game play. We will add more images as new features are released.

Do-It Screenshot | Main menu page

Screenshot: Do-It Main Page
This is the main start page of Do-It. Here you can start a new game, access the settings page or view the instructions pages. There is also the option to start a multi-player game.

Do-It Screenshot | Setting page

Screenshot: Do-It Settings
This is the main settings page of Do-It. Here you can choose in game options and set volume levels. Game options include setting visual prompts on and off and selecting whether voice and sound effect prompts are used.

Do-It Screenshot | In game ... let's play!

Screenshot: Do-It In Game
Following the prompts and react before you run out of time. Press-it, Flick-it, Pull-it, Flip-it or Shake-it. More actions to follow in future releases

Do-It Screenshot | ... Game Over!

Screenshot: Do-It Gameover
Game Over! You were not quick enough. You must react faster. Why don't you have another go?

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